Why Talk About Business?

If you’re reading my blog for the business related content, I won’t be surprised if you’re more successful in business than me. In fact, I expect you to be. Now, I’m not sidelining those just starting out or that are less successful, I’m just trying to explain why I choose to write about business and what I think qualifies me. I believe my failures qualify me. I tried a bunch of things and have been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager. At 14, I took some items from my mom’s gift store on the mainland suburbs to the island suburbs where I was staying for the summer. I didn’t sell a lot of items, even though I got quite a few window shoppers. I set the items by my aunt’s bar and put a hand drawn sign above it, and Gath Gift Stores was born. Why Gath or Rath or something? I heard the name in an action movie I saw that summer. I learned a couple of things that summer. Don’t charge an outrageous price, you can’t expect to get rich off one sale, and most importantly, get your money! I had customers owe and not pay right away, and I couldn’t collect. It was awful. Since then I’ve tried more businesses, failed at other things, but I kept on learning. I’ve ultimately come to a place of understanding the following, how to bootstrap and get started, key essentials you need to have, what factors should be in place before taking the plunge and much more. You may be successful, but you need to know what will take you from good to great. I’m sure you’ll also like to learn what can save you money, what you can automate, and how to stop bleeding cash unnecessarily. I’ve learned a few tips on some of those things. Especially, what’s free that you can use but seem as if you’re spending a lot of money on business essentials like marketing, design, etc.

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