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The Fundamental Difference Between Unfinished and Dysfunction

Despise not the days of small beginning – Zechariah 4:10

I took a sabbatical from my Church admin duties to visit several Churches with the hope of learning and improving our processes and ministry. Some of the Churches I wrote to are younger than my Church, some as young as 2 years old. Understandably they were hesitant. I often had to set the tone that we only wanted to learn about that they did well, what they were struggling with could be kept in the back burner. That often put these young Churches at ease, but it also got me thinking. There’s nothing wrong with being incomplete, not having all the ducks in a row, still building. As long as you’re trending in the right direction, there will be a period where everything isn’t in place. The only issue with this is when an organization regresses or continues for a long period of time in this phase of incompleteness. Then the organization has crossed the line over to dysfunction.

The fundamental difference between incomplete and dysfunctional is the outcome of a continued pattern over a period of time. So ask yourself this, if you continue with what you’re doing for the next year will you A) be better at what you’re doing and grow? Or B) stay the same or grow worse? If the answer is A, you’re just incomplete right now. If the answer is B, you’ve got some changes to make.




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