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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Identifying DevOps Opportunities

Of course you’re not an idiot. However, after getting asked the same question over and over, I got tired of members of my organization thinking I was hiding a magic formula and decided to write a super easy guide to spot DevOps transformation opportunities. This guide helps teams, agile coaches, managers identify opportunities to implement DevOps practices when some common problem statements occurs. 


Problem Statement Possible Practice Needed Tools Who’s Responsible Timeframe to Implement
No version control for working assets: code, scripts, test scripts, config scripts Version Control Bitbucket, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) DevOps Core Team (DCT) + Proiect Dev. Ops, and QA Team 1 – 2 Days
Catching bugs late, usually after production deployment Continuous Integration

Automated Builds

Bamboo, Jenkins, Shell Scripts, Ant, Maven DCT + Project Dev Team 1 Week – 1 Sprint
Need to maintain and track build artifacts generated from builds Artifact Management JFrog Artifactory DCT + Project Dev Team 1 Week
No visibility into status of a build or deployment until after its completed

Long lead time to deploy or manual deployment

Continuous Delivery

Automated Deployments

Bamboo, Jenkins, Shell Scripts DCT + Project Dev Team, Networking, Operations 1 Sprint
Manual and verbal hand-offs between developers and testers Notification & Feedback Slack, Email DCT 1 Day
Lack of visibility into project tasks from a builds, test, and deployment perspective as they are progressing Telemetry Screens and tools dashboards DCT, 1 Week
Lack of visibility into infrastructure’s health Monitoring Splunk DCT, Operations (Splunk) 1 Week
Manual and verbally coordinated release

No visibility into release activities

Spread sheet or checklist release steps

Release Management XL Release, VersionOne Continuum, Hygieia DCT, Project Dev Team 1 Sprint
No metrics on development activities

No metrics on number/type of errors

Metrics Bamboo, Continuum, Bitbucket DCT 1 Sprint
Lack of end-to-end, full spectrum visibility on project tasks Value Stream Mapping VersionOne Continuum, Capital One Hygieia DCT and Project Team 1 Sprint
Long lead times for getting short-lived environments for development and testing Containers and Orchestration Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos 1 Sprint
Repeating manual tasks that have the same steps. Configuration Management Ansible, Chef, Puppet,  Shell Scripts DCT and Project Team 1 Sprint
Manual tests (front-end)

Manual test-script execution

Automated Testing Selenium, Jenkins, Docker DCT and Project QA Team 1 Sprint

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