How To Tell If You’re A Millennial Entrepreneur

If you’re doing the following, you’re not weird, you’re probably just a millennial entrepreneur.

  • You own several domain names
  • You come up with several brand or business names
  • You have different social media brands and accounts
  • You’ve started one or more podcasts, youtube channels, or blogs
  • You’ve opened one or more shopify stores
  • You’ve invested in bitcoin
  • You’ve opened one or more Alibaba merchant accounts
  • You’ve registered one or more businesses
  • You follow entrepreneur-themed social media accounts like garyvee, and tailopez
  • You use mailchimp for email marketing
  • You watch conferences on  Youtube
  • You own business and self improvement books like 4 Hour Work Week and Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • You have one or several PayPal and/or Stripe accounts
  • You have an army of mentors, colleagues and friends online

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