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Career transition in your late 30s, 40s and 50s, is it even possible ? Not only is it possible, this guide will show you how to come in at a high level earning good pay out of the gate

If you’re past the beginning or mid-point of your career and realize you want to transition into the tech industry, this article will help you navigate that decision. I made a transition twice,  early in my career, and then again well into a particular field.


The most important thing to understand is that your prior experience doesn’t need to go to waste as this might be a concern if you’ve invested so much time building it. I’ve met IT project managers that performed the same function in the construction or medical industry. Leveraging prior experience ensures you don’t start from the ground floor if you don’t want to, and that you’re providing actually value immediately. It’s also a confidence and pay boost.


Another important point is that the tech industry is a wide world with lots of fields and disciplines. Spending the time to find the role that’s most closely aligned to your experience, inclinations, and education is a worthwhile investment. Most roles pay comparatively the same at the highest rungs anyway. It may take some time, but researching and finding the ideal role will save you a lot of headache, trial and error, as you navigate your transition.


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