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Bode Fuwa

Bode welcomes you to Prolificview

My name is Bode Fuwa and this is my professional blog. I consider myself a passionate technologist, administrator, and entrepreneur who is always willing to learn and explore new technologies and solutions, then apply it in real world scenarios and share this knowledge with the community.

I have 12+ years of experience spent in enterprise technologies, faith-based organization operations, various technology training and startup business. Professionally, I’m a DevOps practitioner with emphasis in the Atlassian suite of tools for Agile and DevOps. My focus is in Enterprise Wide DevOps Implementation, Leadership Coaching and Road mapping. I was the administrator of a growing Church for four years, and I run a few businesses.

I’ve crafted my career from the ground up. I joined the workforce in 1999, and spent nine years working in other fields before getting into IT. Since then, I have been certified as an Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect and Cloud Practicioner, Oracle Database Professional, Salesforce Administrator and Developer,  and Scrum Product Owner among many other skills sets. I also started the Agile/Cloud/DevOps Meetup Group of Largo, MD.

I have a Bachelors in Information Systems and a minor in English from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and an Associates in  Computer Science from Prince Georges Community College.

I live in Western Maryland with my family, and I work as a DevOps Practitioner, Business Owner, and Church Administrator, not necessarily in that order.

If you like reading my articles or have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you want to hire me for DevOps, coaching, training or consulting you can contact me at bodefuwa@gmail.com. NOTE: Please add Prolificview to subject.