Incredible, Effective But Inefficient Leadership

My parents recently spent some time with me, about 6 months to be precise. It was great. They enjoyed spending time with their grandkids, and we both enjoyed seeing each other frequently at length for the first time in 17 years. Besides the expected frictions of such an extended stay, one thing kept bothering me with my verbal interactions with my parents.

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Results Not Instant: Why Organizations Need To Be Patient With Agile/DevOps Transformations

We’ve kicked off DevOps transformation in the last few months and recently we started getting some feedback coming in.  For example, “We’re not seeing anything.” The initial reaction was to intensify the publicity and branding, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and we stuck to our game plan. DevOps and Agile go hand-in-hand, like lightning and thunder.  You see one, and hear (and even feel) the other. And that’s not saying the Agile transformation is all flash. It just means that not seeing “anything” doesn’t mean something isn’t happening. Continue reading “Results Not Instant: Why Organizations Need To Be Patient With Agile/DevOps Transformations”

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10 things you can do to implement DevOps right now

If you’re coming from a traditional IT background, DevOps may sound big, bold, audacious, or hard to grasp. It may seem to challenge everything you’ve been doing in your IT profession for 20 years. Even if it’s the way forward and improves IT/Organization performance, you may wonder where to start? How do you achieve any tangible progress quickly? How do you navigate your way through the numerous practices and tools? Where is the ideal entry point, and what can your team implement right away?

Here are 10 quick and free things you can do that provides immediate value and start implementing DevOps 

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