Are You A Growing Church Or A Small Church?

If your Pastor hasn’t answered this question, don’t start work until she does. Whether you’re growing or small is fundamental to how you run the Church. And while it may seem small minded for your Pastor or your leadership team to admit you’re a decidedly small Church, you’ll benefit far greatly if you are and know it.

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Blameless Reviews & High Trust Culture

This article borrows heavily from the seminal article by John Allspaw, then CEO at Etsy. Though based on a technology company’s successful approach to handling failures and accidents, it can be easily applied to ministry. I basically replaced engineers with volunteers and like paint on primer, it became an article about handling issues in ministry.

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Identifying DevOps Opportunities

Of course you’re not an idiot. However, after getting asked the same question over and over, I got tired of members of my organization thinking I was hiding a magic formula and decided to write a super easy guide to spot DevOps transformation opportunities. This guide helps teams, agile coaches, managers identify opportunities to implement DevOps practices when some common problem statements occurs. 


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What DevOps Means To Your Role

So DevOps has hit your organization, you’re hearing the term passed around every other week. What does this mean for you organization, team, and job? Isn’t DevOps just automation? Could your role, or entire team be eliminated, with some tools doing your job? You may be surprised to find that, while DevOps does include automation, DevOps doesn’t work without teams. DevOps is a potent mix of tools, processes, I.T. practices, and most importantly, teams. Without teams, DevOps doesn’t really exist. The right implementation of DevOps improves the quality of the major (and minor) IT roles. This means it’s easy to know when a DevOps implementation isn’t working. Will you have to work differently in your role to get the most out of DevOps imlpementation? Probably. Will you definitely lose your job because of a DevOps adoption at your organization? Probably not. This article breaks down how DevOps affects the general roles in most IT organizations; from developers to operations engineers to QA, and management.

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